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Leslie Walters
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Leslie Walters Toxin is an emotionally charged album that takes the listener from raw anger to heartbreaking love. In between, we face personal demons, our own limitations, and disgust towards others and ourselves. To me, the beauty of it lies in the sudden contrast in the lyrics, music, and vocals from 3:12 in Love & Mayhem onward, showing the musical diversity of Minority Sound. Favorite track: Disconnected Sympathy.
Remi McGill
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Remi McGill Great album from Minority Sound. Really unique sound, part Synth, Melodeth, & Industrial, resulting in a great combination! Favorite track: Toxin.
ISOLATED AUTOMATON \m/ Great great album, compulsory for every industrial oriented metal fan. Own, unique style and incredibly good songs. Fav track Love and mayhem and Toxin. Greetings from Marcin Szuba \m/ Favorite track: Love & Mayhem.
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Next album - next topic. Minority Sound like to experiment. Eventhough it might not be an experiment in common sense they like to try what they haven't tried before. And this is the case of Toxin.
The album's topics are mental disorders, addictions, envy, hate and ... love. Love to a woman, love to a man, love to drugs, love to yourself and of course all of its dark sides. It is an album of many genres. Ranging from harsh industrials, through melodic Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal to very modern approach and it cannot be put into one specific box. Minority Sound have picked Dan Friml's The Barn studios to record the album. And it happened during 14 cold December days of 2018. Final mix and mastering has been yet again given to a canadian producer Rom di Prisco and the overall sound is once more way ahead of its predecessors. Interesting fact is that all the songs for Toxin were composed quite quickly during 4 month in Fall 2017. That's something unique if we take into account that previous records were composed in a matter of years. Maybe it was given by the mood of the main brain of the band: Otus Hobst who went through a couple of rock-bottom falls and mental breakdowns during 2017. We can say that Toxin is kind of a detox from the negative thoughts. It is about things that simply had to get out and that's what makes this album immediate and emotive. Lyrics were co-written by Tom F. Hanzl, better known as Chymus. Lyrics-wise they really were on the same line with Otus so even this matter takes everything to a new level.


released April 24, 2019

Recorded in The Barn studios under supervision of Dan Friml
Audio engineering by Dan Friml
Mixed and mastered by Rom di Prisco
All music written by Otus Hobst
Lyrics by Tom F. Hanzl & Otus Hobst
All songs performed by Minority Sound
Graphical content by Daniela “Dahlien” Neumannová

Aleš Hampl - vocals & guitars
Otus Hobst - guitars & synths
Petr Bláha - bass
Tomáš Fürst - drums


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Minority Sound Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic


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Track Name: Deeds of Hate
Acts of dissonance
Of pain and arrogance
My mind is set
To make you pay

Souls in resonance
Sound of consequence
The target
I wanna slay

Stab and pulverize!

Let him rot then
My ego will arise

I’ll be demonized

Kill and realize

Deeds of hate

I regret nothing
I feel for no one

I, I regret nothing
I, I feel for no one

Deeds of hate
Track Name: Scarecrow
Like a bloated corpse I mark
The deepest point in my sea
I fertilize the water cold and dark
Sweet putrefaction smells good to me

Scarecrow inside me is growing strong
He is keeping you away
Parasites away

Scarecrow inside me is driving me insane
He is watching you watching me
Everyone I hate

Like a piece of rancid flesh I drip
The human midden now costumed
A mask of sanity I tear down and rip
My fossil petrified is ready to exhume
Track Name: Toxin
Ancient spirit in a juvenile body
Waiting for redemption
I am stuck!
In the prison of life

I can’t find the energy
I am losing my mind
And you stab
Me from behind

You are my toxin

The misery you took away
Can’t match the misery you brought
I am done with you
I am done with you

A crash
And I am split in half
A crash
One step towards death

I am done with you
It was never true

Twisted soul in an abled body
Wandering through world
Can’t find
The value of life
You’ve shown me way of thorny roses
Bleeding from my eyes
A burnt out husk
With you inside

Inside out

Toxin I am addicted addicted addicted to you
Toxin you heartless bitch my vicious whore
Toxin you’re addicted addicted addicted to me
Toxin you want me, you crave me, you need me inside you
Track Name: Bipolar
It came here sooner than expected

I am falling up
I am rising down

And I drown
In seas of misery

Repeating mistakes now and again
Just only fools tend to do

And watching myself, doing the same

Mirror reflections
And condemnations

When I see I am torn apart

Mind dislocation
Way to damnation

I am trying I am trying so hard

Reality creeping from its lair
Reality the most haunting nightmare
It caught me off the guard again

Anxiety preying on my soul
Anxiety takes over control
Anxiety it kills my former human self

I need some sense to feel the pain
I hear the voice now in my brain
To try to try to cope with both of myselves
Track Name: Sunlight. Be Me! Sunlight Begone!
Crawling in darkness wishing to feel the warmth
Mental battery’s drained
Lost in cold labyrinth, now looking for more
I cannot breathe I faint

Ice cold memories written in flesh
Taken back into life
Sick taste of blood in opened gash
Refuse, reject the strife

Sunlight. Be me!
Step inside. My ego!
Heat it up and crush

Sunlight. Be me!
Sunlight begone!

My skin is burning black
The heart is pounding
I can stand this pain
No more

That fire is reality
I can see this now
My disorder made me blind
Track Name: Love & Mayhem
If you could see what now I see
This mayhem and anarchy
My hatred
It keeps me down

If you could feel what now I feel
This pain that might not be real
My love
It keeps me high

What you see is what you get
The wolf inside me now is fed
I plunder
The rest that is left

Striding through life hypnotized
Precisely focused, scrutinized
I wonder
What will be next?

Just a simulation
Trust so overrated

The sky

And fall

Love & Mayhem
It’s Love & Mayhem
Love & Mayhem
It’s love

Feel my heart beating loud. Hear it loud!
I have done and I am not proud. Not so proud
Forgiveness draws the line carved in spine
After all I resign
Track Name: Disconnected Sympathy
I am deaf and blind
And dead inside
My head is sober (and) filled with sorrow

What have I found
I left behind
There will be no more bright tomorrow

We used to be sniffing the stars
Now a sun lies in between of us
Disconnected sympathy is all that remains
We are overdosed with light
We are overdosed with light

Mind is empty now and nobody knows how

Hurting injuries, make an amend please
My world now turns around, I find the zero ground

Disconnected sympathy
Just a manner of a speech
Real blackened discrepancy
Rock bottom I have reached

Reality consumes me
Now I see the end
My confessions no one hears
Those things I pretend
Track Name: Empty Sands
Will you?
Will you take me away?
From myself

Will you?
Will you rescue me?
Run away with me!
Run away!

Into the void
To empty sands
Where all my sins will be redeemed
Where I will find my peace
Where we will be no more

Will you?
Will you be the one?
To embrace
And forget

Will you?
Will you rescue me
Run away with me
To empty sands

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